Dayton Ohio Restaurants

Pacchia its more than happy to provide details and facts about Dayton restaurants. The city of Dayton located in Ohio has a variety selection of restaurants available for its residents and visitors.

Dayton restaurants categories are the following: Italian, Fine dining, Pizza, Seafood, Dining, Caribbean, Thai, Indian, etc. Pacchia provides a variety of places for all individuals who are looking to have a nice meal at any time of the day. Some of the most very known restaurants in the city of Dayton, Ohio are the following: Therapy Cafe, Thai 9, Boulevard Haus, Dublin Pub, Amar India, Bonefish Grill, etc.

Pacchia provides various details about these very known restaurants in Dayton. Those restaurants are the following:
1- Therapy Cafe is a stylish lounge that offers Hookah bar, two patios and food. It also has its unique full service bar serving beers and wines. Located at 452 East Third Street.
2- Thai 9 is a Thai restaurant offering sushi and Thai cuisine. This restaurant also offers sashimi, wine, beer, etc. Located at 11 Brown Street.
3- Boulevard Haus is a traditional German restaurant. The recipes offer are recreated from all regions of Germany. You will find a selection of German beers and wines. Located at 329 East 5th Street.
4- Dublin Pub is an Irish pub that offers lunch, dinner, late night and bar. Located at 300 Avenue.
5- Amar India is an Indian cuisine restaurant. This restaurant is special for formal dinners and business meetings. Located 2751 Miamisburg Centerville Road.
6- Bonefish Grill is a restaurant that specializes in fresh fish. Located at 2818 Miamisburg Centerville Road.

The Dayton restaurant week is an important annual event where various restaurants of the city provided their specialties to the event visitors. This event allows the city restaurants to promote their business successfully. The Dayton Convention Center is special for meetings, exhibitions, receptions, concerts, sporting events, etc. The Dayton Convention Center has being the house for several restaurant week events in the city of Dayton. Here, at you will gather information about Dayton restaurants.